Inflatable water entertainment toys

Inflatable water entertainment toys

Nov 09, 2022

  In addition to playing SUP Board and Kayak on the water, there are now various types of water entertainment toys for you to choose from, such as flying fish boats, banana boats and other rich and varied toys.

Nowadays, many water entertainment enthusiasts are no longer limited to enjoying the sea scenery and water sports, but want to find more fun on the water, so in recent years, a variety of inflatable water entertainment toys have emerged.

Next, the author introduces several of the most popular inflatable water entertainment toys at present.

一、Banana boat

  Many times when chartering a speedboat or yacht, you can choose to bring a banana boat with you behind. On some beaches that have been commercialized, most businesses will also provide banana boat rental services while renting speedboats or yachts, and the price is relatively low, and even if people who like this toy can choose to buy a banana boat.

At present, banana boat is a fairly popular inflatable water entertainment toy, while driving a speedboat, you can let other partners get on the banana boat, take them to the same speed as the speedboat on the water, enjoy the cool sea breeze, compared to the inflatable kayak can bring a more exciting experience, can also be played as a team, in the hot summer to release themselves.

Inflatable Banana Boat

二、Water trampoline

  This is a very family-friendly sport, and the trampoline has become increasingly popular in recent years, not only to feel the fun of trampoline on the water, but also to enjoy other recreational activities such as diving, which is definitely a good choice for parent-child activities and team activities. The main part of this type of inflatable water trampoline is made of high-strength PVC material, and  the central part is covered with the same high-quality P material bouncing cloth as the land trampoline, which is strong and wear-resistant, breathable, and easy to clean. In the process of playing, you need to pay attention to whether there are boats or people nearby, because unlike land trampolines, water trampolines do not have purse seines, so you need to pay attention to whether the surrounding water surface is empty, so as not to cause injury by bouncing out of the trampoline range during the entertainment process.

三、Inflatable Tilting Boat

  Similar to banana boats, inflatable boats can be attached to the back of a speedboat or yacht to be towed by towing, but relatively speaking, inflatable boats can carry fewer people, such as small models can only seat two people, but they are better than banana boats in entertainment diversity.  The design of the warp boat is symmetrical at both ends, each with two handles, people can sit opposite each other on the left and right sides of the boat, the gameplay is similar to a seesaw on land, the player moves up and down to make the ship shake up and down. Inflatable tilters can be used not only on land but also in water, and are highly adaptable. Like the above two products, they are designed with PVC materials, which pay attention to the strength and airtightness of the material while taking into account the portability of the product, which brings convenience to families who need to take it to the water to play or have small house space.

Inflatable Seesaw Boat

四、Floating bed over water

  Unlike other inflatable water entertainment toys, the floating bed is just a bed that accommodates one person, but it brings no less fun than other products, such as this ONESUN subsidiary Nine Phoenix independently developed and designed floating bed, its peripheral part is made of PVC The inflatable design of the material, the middle is a mesh design, so that people can enjoy the coolness brought by the water without worrying about falling into the water, and at one end of the bed is designed with a pillow-like protrusion, which is convenient for the user's head to lean. The ergonomic design of the bed is perfect for entertaining on the water, and users can also equip them with water ice packs designed by ONESUN to enjoy with friends.

Inflatable Floating Bed

  With the development of water entertainment projects, more and more interesting products will continue to appear in the public's vision. If you need to customize the water entertainment toys in this article, welcome to visit the website



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