Inflatable Water Games

Inflatable Banana Boat
Inflatable Banana Boat
Inflatable Banana Boat

Inflatable Banana Boat

Water toys suitable for multiple children to play together.
  • Color :

  • Brand Name :

  • Warranty :

    1 Years
  • Material :

    Drop Stitch + PVC
  • Accessories :

    Repair tube + Handpump
  • Accessories(Optional) :

    Ice bag 、Electric pump、Waterproof bag


Inflatable Banana Boat

The banana boat that is popular on every beach in the world has arrived. The bed with super long design, with 3 handles, can be connected to the back of the yacht to play with your friends.


Inflatable Banana Boat Display

Water Entertainment Banana Boat



ONESUN has the energy management system, which can let the factory have the stable humility and temperature to make sure the gluing quality, at the same time ONESUN also has the production management system to focus on production, quality control & energy conservation, so ONESUN provide the good price, quality and lead time to our clients. We also have our own developed automatic machines, such as pressing machine for inner tapes and stringers, EVA Pad Auto-glue brushing machine and auto package machine, which can improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers and the quality has been significantly improved.


Founded in 2015, it is a comprehensive outdoor leisure and entertainment sports goods company integrating brand, research and development, production and export trade, specializing in the production of ISUP surfboards, inflatable boats, inflatable tents, water entertainment and other outdoor sports goods. In the leading position in the professional field, it is the largest paddle board manufacturer in China and has won the trust of global users.

The company currently has 2 production centers with a construction area of 98,300 square meters, located in Fuzhou Binhai New City and Fuzhou High-tech Zone.




Note:If you need a large supply of goods, you can contact us for customization.

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