Structure and use of inflatable gym mat

Structure and use of inflatable gym mat

Oct 27, 2022

Modern science and technology in the continuous rapid development, it brings people more and more high-quality products, various industries and fields, science and technology to give people a variety of optimization and innovation of products, improve human living standards. This is no exception in the field of sports technology. In recent years, a variety of sports technology products have emerged in an endless stream, and innovative product experiences have brought a huge impact on human sports concepts, such as inflatable paddle boards, indoor treadmills, etc. on the sports products themselves or sports way it has changed like never before. At present, paddle boarding has become a popular sport in many countries such as Europe and the United States, and the entry threshold for all ages has made the audience more and more numerous. This time the author brings you inflatable fitness mats, inflatable fitness mats are products that have only begun to develop in the past ten years, and most of the early inflatable fitness mats are made of some single materials, such as PVC materials, sponges, etc., such products are far inferior to today's fitness mats in terms of service life and pressure resistance. In recent years, due to the vigorous development of dropstitch materials, inflatable paddle boards and inflatable kayak and other inflatable sports products have developed rapidly, and inflatable fitness mats are no exception to the use of dropstitch materials, giving the product its own structure and quality It has brought about a leapfrog improvement.

Fitness mats occupy an extremely important position in many sports, and can even be said to be indispensable, such as taekwondo, gymnastics, pole vaulting and other sports, fitness mats with cushioning, cushioning and various protective effects often play a huge role, most of the traditional fitness mats are made of PVC materials or canvas and other materials to make it. Next, I introduce some common fitness mats.

 1. PVC gym mat

At present, the PVC material fitness mat manufactured by some manufacturers in the market will have pungent gas, which needs to be ventilated for several days to eliminate, and this type of fitness mat is too thin, with little protection for the body and joints, and is only suitable for some simple exercises, such as planks, push-ups and other sports with a small range of exercise.

PVC Gym Mat

PVC gym mat

 2. Canvas gym mat

Canvas-type fitness mats are made by filling canvas with a large number of sponges, and are still used in many sports, and are also popular because of their high cost performance and high protection. However, it is unsatisfactory in terms of storage, due to the excessive volume of this type of fitness mat, a certain space is required for storage in storage, and it is necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof work.

Canvas Gym Mat

Canvas gym mat

3. Inflatable gym mat

Most of the inflatable gym mats are made of Dropstitch materials and PVC materials, and the wire drawing material gives the product a harder structure. Typically, the internal air pressure of an inflatable gym mat can reach up to 30PSI, and even driving a medium-sized vehicle over an inflatable gym mat will not have any effect on the mat. The inflatable structure brings great convenience to the storage of the fitness mat itself, and after using an extractor to pump it and pack, it occupies only one-tenth of the storage space compared to the canvas-type fitness mat.

Inflatable Gym Mat

Inflatable gym mat

4. the spatial structure

Inflatable fitness mat is made of Dropstitch material, the basic fabric of Dropstitch material adopts 3D weaving technology, two layers of mesh cloth surface through the middle of the brushed up and down string and walk to form an integrated structure, the product can form different shapes of cloth effect, dimensional stability, The surface is flat and the resilience is good, and the general normal working pressure reaches 15PSI, and the maximum air pressure of Dropstitch can reach about 3 0PSI. Conventional thicknesses range from 5 to 30 cm.

Dropstitch Material

Dropstitch Material

Typically, the base layer of Dropstitch is woven in two ways, one is warp knitting and the other is flat weaving. The Dropstitch app is the centerpiece of an inflatable gym mat, along with other structures such as reinforcement layers and hemming strips.

Dropstitch Material Internals

Dropstitch material internals

Warp Knitting Structure

Warp knitting structure

Flat Weave Structure

Flat weave structure

5. How to use inflatable gym mat

    Most inflatable gym mats are purchased with basic accessories such as inflatable hand pumps and repair cylinders. When inflating, you only need to connect the inflatable hand pump to the inflatable port of the inflatable fitness mat to carry out the inflating work, usually need to inflate to 15PSI, you can view by observing the instrument on the inflatable hand pump, under normal circumstances, it takes 20 min-30min, However, when the size of the purchased inflatable fitness mat is too large, it is recommended to purchase an electric hand pump for inflation work, and a good electric hand pump has an air pumping function, which is more convenient when storing inflatable fitness mats.

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