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  • SUP Boards
    SUP Boards
    SUP Boards

    Made of drop stitches which are inflatable.

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    Suitable for outdoor scenes such as river,lake and so on.

  • Inflatable Water Games
    Inflatable Water Games
    Inflatable Water Games

    Play with your families and friends on the water.

  • Inflatable Outdoor Products
    Inflatable Outdoor Products
    Inflatable Outdoor Products

    Easier to carry when you go outdoor.

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    Inflatable Gym Mat
    Inflatable Gym Mat

    Do yoga on the water.

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  FUJIAN ONESUN SPORTS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Founded in 2015, it is a comprehensive outdoor leisure and entertainment sports goods company integrating brand, research and development, production and export trade, specializing in the production of ISUP surfboards, inflatable boats, inflatable tents, water entertainment and other outdoor sports goods. In the leading position in the professional field, it is the largest paddle board manufacturer in China and has won the trust of global users. The company currently has 2 production centers with a construction area of 98,300 square meters, located in Fuzhou Binhai New City and Fuzhou High-tech Zone.       About ONESUN logo:   ①The logo of ONESUN is mainly blue and green.   ②Blue means oceans, rivers and lakes, expressing the main products used for water sports.  ③Green means environmental protection, ONESUN has been advocating the best quality, the best materials to our customers, the workshop adopts national and international standard plant, so as to achieve safety and environmental protection.   ④The green part represents a SUP board drifting on the sea, which represents the products of ONESUN and expresses the tenacious fighting spirit of ONESUN people.   ⑤ONESUN's English name ONE SUN stands for ONESUN has been adhering to provide the best quality products, the best service, the best price to achieve the industry leader.    
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Our Honor

Since 2016, ONESUN has passed the GMP, Social audit by UL, SGS and BV, we also have the BSCI and ISO 9001.With the unremitting efforts of all ONESUN people, ONESUN has made continuous progress in the manufacturing field of sup and kayak, becoming a world-class manufacturer and supplier. Because of its outstanding management level and scientific research spirit, it has won a lot of honors and patents in the world.

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  • Onesun team participates in the national outdoor exhibition
    Mar 24, 2023
    Onesun team participates in the national outdoor exhibition

    The National Outdoor Expo is an annual outdoor product exhibition event in the UK aimed at promoting the development of outdoor sports and leisure activities, and showcasing the latest outdoor equipment, technology, and services. This exhibition is the fourth one attended by the Onesun team in 2023. The exhibition will be held at the NEC Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, from March 23 to 24, 2023, from 9am to 5pm every day. This exhibition is hosted by Raccoon Events Ltd, an event organizer specializing in outdoor, tourism, entertainment and other fields, with the themes of Explore, Inspire, Achieve. This exhibition attracted over 200 outdoor brands, tourism institutions, education and training institutions, organizations, and media, and attracted over 20000 visitors, including outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes, coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs. The exhibition includes outdoor experience areas, skill workshops, speeches and lectures, competitions and competitions, etc. The outdoor experience area provides various outdoor sports experiences, such as rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, etc., for exhibitors to experience and learn about the latest outdoor equipment and technology. The Skills Workshop is a course for exhibitors to learn how to use various outdoor equipment and techniques, such as how to set up tents, how to use GPS navigation, and so on. Speeches and lectures are conducted by experts and athletes from various industries to share their experiences and skills, bringing more inspiration and inspiration to exhibitors. Competition and competition are competitions between various brands and athletes, allowing exhibitors to understand the latest applications of outdoor equipment and technology. At this exhibition, the Onesun team owned and built their own booth, showcasing the latest SUP board, inflatable kayak, and some inflatable products designed by the Onesun team in 2023. Their booth is located at the center of the exhibition, on the path that every exhibitor must pass through, thus gaining the favor of many exhibitors. There are also many SUP BOARD brand merchants participating in the exhibition, such as Tidal RAVE, MAS, etc. In addition to introducing products to customers during the exhibition, the Onesun team also had in-depth communication with peers, allowing them to have a better understanding of the SUP board market and production technology. The National Outdoor Expo is an important exhibition platform for outdoor sports and leisure activities, providing an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and entrepreneurs to communicate, collaborate, and learn. Whether you are an enthusiast of outdoor sports or a professional engaged in outdoor tourism or sports related industries, it is worth attending.

    Mar 02, 2023

    The ONESUN team from China is a team dedicated to developing and producing water sports products. We are committed to providing users with a more convenient, fashionable, and environmentally friendly water sports experience. In 2023, in order to promote our products and expand brand influence, our team participated in the 2023 DUBAI BOOT SHOW held in Dubai, showcasing our team's latest product development in 2023, attracting the attention and cooperation of many foreign brand merchants.   At this ship exhibition, the ONESUN team mainly showcased the latest SUP BOARD and INFLATABLE KAYAK products developed in 23 years. Both types of products have made innovative improvements on the basis of traditional water sports, allowing users to more easily enjoy the fun of water sports and lowering the threshold.     SUP BOARD is a new type of surfboard that adopts an inflatable design, allowing users to stand and control on water in a balanced manner, with good stability and portability. And INFLATABLE KAYAK is an inflatable kayak, which is more lightweight and portable compared to traditional kayaks, while also having good stability and adaptability. These two products have received widespread attention and praise at the ship exhibition, attracting many foreign brand merchants' cooperation intentions. The ONESUN team actively communicated with these brand merchants, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and intentions, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. During this trip to Dubai, the ONESUN team is not only promoting their products, but also enhancing their international visibility and influence. This exhibition provides team members with the opportunity to communicate with professionals from around the world and showcase the company's latest products to them. Secondly, the purpose of participating in the exhibition is to attract more cooperation from foreign brand merchants, which is very important for the development of the team. During the exhibition, the ONESUN team carefully listened to the professional opinions and suggestions from all parties, and also showcased the team's products and technical strength to many brand merchants. In the communication and exchange with brand merchants, the team learned about market demands and trends, which is very helpful for the team's future product development and strategic planning. In addition to SUP BOARD and INFLATABLE KAYAK, our team has also produced other inflatable products, such as inflatable seats and inflatable tables. The ONESUN team also showcased these products at the ship exhibition and received good feedback. Overall, the products and technologies showcased by the ONESUN team have been well recognized and evaluated, which further proves our research and innovation capabilities in the field of aquatic sports products. I believe that in the near future, the ONESUN team will perform even better and create a better aquatic sports experience for users.

  • ONESUN is always with us to fight against the epidemic
    Apr 09, 2022
    ONESUN is always with us to fight against the epidemic

          The outbreak of new virus was unexpected, and the festive atmosphere of the New Year was diluted by the intense anti epidemic action. This is an invisible war, and the anti epidemic action affects everyone's attitude. While the front-line workers and the residents of the district are working together to fight against the pandemic, ONESUN  also actively responds to the call of the state and uses its own advantages to contribute to the fight against the pandemic! On the way to fight against the pandemic, ONESUN  has made practical efforts to do its own modest power, reflecting the responsibility of helping each other. As an enterprise pursuing health, based on the mission of "creating a healthy life for mankind", we are willing to do our best to fight against the pandemic. Finally, pay tribute to all the front-line staff fighting against the virus!

  • Care for the Elderly Alone and Widow ONESUN People in Action
    Dec 17, 2021
    Care for the Elderly Alone and Widow ONESUN People in Action

          On December 17, when the New Year's Day was coming, ONESUN  came to Shuanggui and Xiawan , Chixi , Yongtai , Fuzhou, Fujian Province to carry out the condolences activity of "caring the elderly and sending warmth". ONESUN  sent milk, bread, rice, oil and other living goods to the elderly, and sent warmth and care to the elderly in the cold winter. During the activity, we visited 28 poor families in need in Shuanggui and Xiawan.  The Warm Winter Action sent not only goods, but also deep care and greetings.

  • Run together for a better future - Aone Health Run 2019
    Aug 30, 2019
    Run together for a better future - Aone Health Run 2019

      In order to strengthen the physical fitness of the company's employees, carry forward the spirit of national fitness and unity , and enrich the sports and cultural life of the employees, the company organized a healthy running activity around the lake of Wanfo Temple with the theme of "running together, sharing happiness". With the active participation of everyone, this event was a complete success.

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