Some knowledge about buying a sup board

Some knowledge about buying a sup board

Sep 29, 2022

    SUP boards originated from Hawaii, where humans of that time simply used a narrow wooden board used to surfing, strong enough to support a person standing on the waves. Subsequently, in order to enhance the flexibility of movement on complex sea environments and the effect, many improvements were made on the original wooden boards, such as the addition of fins at the bottom of the wooden boards to improve the stability, and many improvements were made in materials and shapes. In the early 1960s, the polystyrene foam surfboard invented by Reginald Sainsbury, glass fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber material, the inner layer material is polystyrene (foam plastic), the effect is light and strong, both buoyancy and flexible handling. In the 1990s, a completely new structure of the SUP board appeared, using an inflatable structure, which had the advantage of being portable and cheaper in material cost compared to the foam surfboard of the previous generation. In the 2000s, the line belt material (drop stitch) surfboard came out, the inflatable sup board is easy to break and the shortcomings of low strength are rewritten, the use of drop stitch inflatable pulp board, its internal air pressure can reach 30PSI, the plate body can withstand the pressure of several tons of vehicles, no need to worry about the strength of the problem, leading the global market since it was launched.

    ISUP, which is now a very popular leisure and entertainment activity abroad, as a entertainment activity, you can enjoy the joy of gliding on the water with friends and families, enjoy the beauty of nature in the lake, river and sea, as a sport, you can fully show everyone's coordination ability and physical fitness ability on the water.

If the above content has attracted you to the ISUP, then you must know something about it.

    The primary need of joining the movement is to have an inflatable SUP board, there are many kinds of ISUP on the market, not the more expensive the better, but to choose the type of boards for ourselves according to our own situation, the current types of ISUPS are competition boards, ordinary boards, small boards, yoga boards and so on.

    Competition board: As the longest length of the SUP board, it is the narrowest in width, sacrificing the balance of the body in exchange for the smaller resistance of the board when advancing on the water surface to bring faster speed, which is not suitable for novices, because what novices need most is to master the stability of the pulp board that can control the surface of the water.

inflatable stand up padlle board
    All round board: usually wider than other boards, larger, generally more stable than other boards, suitable for novices to play on the gentle surface of the water to enjoy life, all round board is the most popular, the most versatile SUP type, mainly in the lake or calm ocean bay cruise. All round board is very stable and suitable for beginners and children.


all around board

    Small boards: Shorter and smaller than other boards, ideal choice for surfing with SUP and experiencing whitewater in the river. Can be used with paddles to do some cool surfing action, not suitable for novices.

small board

    Yoga board: Specially designed for yoga. The yoga board is wide and stable, you can do a variety of yoga postures on the board, the board has a soft surface to do yoga exercises, and there are places on the board to tie your exercise equipment such as elastic bands, etc., and you can also connect the anchor to prevent being carried away by the current. Also good for cruising, bring with kids or pets.


yoga board

    As a beginner, it is necessary to master good methods to start the sport as soon as possible. The following is the teaching for beginners:



    It is worth noting that as a beginner, skills are very important.










    As a novice who has just entered the ISUP board movement, they must understand the accessories required for the ISUP board movement when purchasing the it, usually leash, paddle, hand pump, optional accessories are electric pump, waterproof, repair tube and bag and so on.

Necessary accessories:


Optional accessories:



    The specific function of these accessories is that the leach is used to fix the ankle, and the water surfing is to protect the consistency of the body and the board, so that the foot will not fall. The inflator is used to inflate. The air pressure of the surfboard is required to be 15psi. The manual inflator inflates more slowly and with more strength, while the electric charger inflates faster and more labor-saving. Use paddles to better control the direction and speed, so that beginners can play better. Waterproof bag is used to put some personal items, so as to separate dry and wet, and better protect personal items. The repair cartridge contains a plastic wrench and several pieces of repair pieces. When the sup board has holes that cause air leakage, just glue it. See the instructions for details. When you set sup unused, you fold it up, put it in the bag, and put the relevant accessories together. When they are used, take it out and fill the air, and then you can start the water journey after the relevant accessories are installed.

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