Learn about inflatable tents and frequently asked questions

Learn about inflatable tents and frequently asked questions

Oct 07, 2022


  Inflatable tents have a history of development for more than 50 years since their birth, and in the long development process, inflatable tents have been gradually improved in terms of material application and rigidity. The inflatable tent is one of the types of tents that uses the principle of structural mechanics to design its frame structure, and the outer layer of the tent uses PVC material Production, this kind of material as the outer layer, so that the tent has moisture-proof, waterproof, windproof, sunscreen and other advantages, suitable for outdoor camping, rescue and disaster relief and even field combat and other scenes, the internal structure of the inflatable tent is the use of gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag into a column with a certain rigidity, after an organic combination to support the skeleton of the tent. Compared with traditional tents, inflatable tents are much better than traditional tents in terms of saving time in setting up, only one inflatable hand pump is needed to complete the construction in a short period of time, and if there is an inflatable electric pump, then the construction speed can be faster.

Product features


  The process of using adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat bonding is produced with waterproof, anti-ultraviolet materials, which have the advantages of fast molding, high strength, flame proof, mildew-proof, anti-ultraviolet and moisture-proof. As an inflatable tent, the tent frame is a gas column structure, compared with the general metal bracket tent, it has the characteristics of light body, small size after folding, convenient and easy to carry.


  Relatively speaking, the erection of the inflatable tent is very convenient, just need to lay the tent on the open ground, connect to the foot pump or electric pump, only two people, in a few minutes can be erected.


  The same is true when dismantling, the number of people required for the dismantling and packaging of metal brackets is relatively large, and the time required is relatively long. When the inflatable tent is dismantled, it is only necessary to let it naturally deflate or the electric blow suction fan to ventilate.


    Therefore, compared with ordinary metal bracket tents, inflatable tents have incomparable advantages, its light weight, small size, and advantages that ordinary metal bracket tents do not have in transportation. And its erection and dismantling are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for rapid response to emergencies. When the environment is harsh and cannot be delivered, the inflatable tent can also be airdropped.

      Here are some of the most common inflatable tent products.

1. Military inflatable tents

    With the continuous development of modern science and technology, in terms of military domain, each country has also invested a huge amount of research and development strength. The emergence of military inflatable tents has brought the army an improvement in the efficiency of tent construction in field operations, and the use of high-power inflatable electric pumps can be set up in a short period of time to put the tent into combat.

Military inflatable tents

Military inflatable tents

2.Inflatable COVID-19 tents

    The epidemic has been developed for three years, in the prevention and control measures and materials have also been greatly improved, the emergence of inflatable COVID-19 tent to the emergency prevention and control has brought great convenience, when a certain area or a location of the new crown pneumonia case or suspected case, the effective isolation of such people is a necessary measure to block the spread of new crown pneumonia. Inflatable COVID-19 tents are far superior to conventional medical tents in terms of erection and containment, and are currently in significant use in many countries.

Inflatable COVID-19 tents

Inflatable COVID-19 tents

3.Water recreation tent

    In the hot summer, water recreation activities have always been one of the most popular ways for many people to escape the summer and entertain. Inflatable water entertainment tents have been popular since their inception. The tent base made of dropstitch has the characteristics of high elasticity, which can fully protect the safety of users and prevent damage. Both children and adults enjoy floating and playing on the water, and the wide tent roof protects them from the hot sun. While people play, bring people a different entertainment experience.

Inflatable water recreation tent

Inflatable water recreation tent

frequently asked questions

Q: What should I do if the inflatable tent leaks?

A: If you find that there is a leak, you can wipe the air column clean first, and then apply the surface with soapy water to check the leakage point. If the leakage point is a small hole, you can use a small piece of circular maintenance cloth (any specification of inflatable tent standard inside), and then brush dispensing, after the glue dry (important, must wait for the special glue to dry) pasted on the leak point, the bond is tight. If the leakage is open at the hot seam of the air column, it can be handled in the following steps:

1. Clean the bonding surface first.

2, inflatable tent will be given bottle glue, inflatable tent air column special glue, it brush on the pre-adhesive surface, must be painted evenly, the thickness is appropriate, after brushing the picture twice, it can be bonded.

3. The shape of the adhesive interface should be designed as round or elliptical, try to avoid square and sharp angle interface shapes, and the lap width should not be less than 30mm.

4, after the glue volatilization, can be bonded, the patch must be flat, no folds, roller pressing, scraping, while using a hair dryer to supply heat source, easy to bond. After 6 hours of bonding, it can be inflated.


1. When installing on mud or sand, it is necessary to lay a layer of tarpaulin on the ground to prevent the inflatable tent from getting dirty, affecting the appearance and service life.

2, if you need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or use the fireproof board to isolate the flame, people can not leave the tent during cooking, usually do a good job of fire extinguishing plan, and install an exhaust fan to eliminate fumes.

3. If you know that the local wind is more than 8 or more, please remove the inflatable tent in advance. so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

4, inflatable tent storage must be dried or air-dried tarpaulin, until it is restored to dry and then folded and stored, if it is too late to cool the tarpaulin, remember that it must not be stored for a long time, so as not to color and mildew.




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