How to purchase inflatable kayak

How to purchase inflatable kayak

Oct 15, 2022

    Inflatable stand up paddle board(ISUP) is currently one of the hottest water entertainment sports, but in addition, the kayak sport is also a good choice, it can not only slide on the water, but also be used by multiple people, and has higher stability than ISUP, reducing the probability of falling into the water, so kayak is a good choice for beginner john water entertainment sports. There are two types of kayak on the market, one is traditional kayak with hard shell, and the other one is inflatable kayak developed in recent years. Both types of kayak have their own advantages, the traditional kayak is superior to the inflatable kayak in terms of anti-breakage, the hard shell can improve the anti-breakage ability of the hull in the complex water surface environment, but it is more difficult in the repair of the shell, may need to go to a professional service point for maintenance, and this traditional kayak is relatively troublesome in terms of carrying, generally need to use a trailer, Minivans or cars with fixtures. Compared with the traditional kayak, the inflatable kayak has a relatively small ability to prevent damage, but the inflatable kayak is generally attached to a special repair cylinder, equipped with high-strength glue and repair sheets, when the hull is damaged, users can use the repair sheet and glue to repair by themselves. When carrying an inflatable kayak when traveling, you only need to pump and roll up and pack it to be very convenient to carry and travel, the volume after packaging is only 1/20 compared to the traditional kayak, and it is relatively cheap in terms of price, suitable for beginners to enter kayak water sports priority purchase. Then for newbies, I recommend buying an inflatable kayak for an introduction to kayak, a water entertainment sport.


Traditional kayak

kayak sports

Inflatable kayak

      Next, I will introduce some knowledge about inflatablae kayak, which is convenient for novice friends to understand and buy various types of inflatable kayak.

    First of all, let's introduce the production process of inflatable kayak, which is currently producing inflatable products, such as inflatable sofas, inflatable beds, etc., mostly using two processes, namely high temperature and high frequency.

     The-High-Frequency Process is a High-Frequency oscillation process with a frequency of 27.12mhz.High frequency can be used as PVC, EVA, TPU, PET and other materials of plastic plastic heat sealing, sealing, welding, welding process, in the production of inflatable kayak The role is to make the two PVC films in the high frequency machine, welded together, so as to form the inflatable kayak left and right sides of the ship pipe.

kayak high frequency

High-frequency machine

  In the production of kayak, the high-temperature process is applied to the workers operating the high-temperature machine to glue the rubber strips to the two tubes to then glue the bottom airbags, and also need to connect the heads and tails of the two pipes to form the kayak frame.

High temperature process

High-temperature process

  Let's introduce some basics about inflatable kayak products. In general, the hull of an inflatable  kayak is generally wider, the wider the inflatable kayak hull, the higher the stability, and vice versa, the slower the inflatable kayak. The main body of most inflatable kayaks can be divided into four parts, which are the left and right two tubes and the base and the seat on the base.

  When buying an inflatable kayak, it is usually equipped with four carbon fiber paddles (double head), backpack, inflatable hand pump, fins and repair cylinder. If you have the conditions, you can purchase an inflatable electric pump, which can quickly complete the inflatable kayak in a short time, which can not only be connected to a conventional power outlet, but also connected to the on-board power supply, which is convenient for carrying and traveling. Usually the inflatable kayak will have two inflatable air bags on the left and right and the inflatable base, which need to be inflated separately, and equipped with a pressure relief valve, if the air pressure reaches the upper limit of tolerance, the pressure relief valve will automatically deflate to protect the safety of the air bag.

  Below is the basic structure of an inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayak structure

Basic structure

  At present, there are many types of inflatable kayak on the market, the quality and price of the products are very different, through the current market of most inflatable kayak price and quality research, I distinguish them into two types of products, respectively made of plastic such as making some inferior air mattresses Inflatable kayak and pvc film plus inflatable kayak made of space cloth, the first type of products have very low damage resistance, low safety, and the production of products is usually made of plastic into a one-piece finished product The product is suitable for water parks and other scenes, and the price is about $60-$100. The second type of product has high damage resistance, and adopts the production method of multiple air bags, so that the product can have remedial measures when a single air bag is damaged, which is suitable for complex water surface environments, such as lakes, rivers and shallow seas. If you are determined to join the sport of kayak, then I recommend you to buy the second category.

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