Jun 10, 2023

The Big Gear Show is a large-scale event that brings together outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. It aims to showcase the latest gear and equipment that professional retailers and media are interested in, while providing consumers with a platform to get up close and personal with brands and equipment and learn about the outdoor world. The event is divided into two phases: first, a two-day B2B trade event for retailers and media, followed by a two-day consumer festival. This event is not just a sales platform but also an opportunity for education and experiential learning, allowing participants to study and try out various outdoor gear before making a purchase.

As one of the exhibitors, ONESUN Sports Technology Co., Ltd. from Fujian, China, participated in The Big Gear Show. ONESUN Sports Technology is a team specializing in the production of inflatable water sports products. They are one of the largest SUP manufacturers in China and collaborate with several well-known sports brands. At their booth, they showcased their meticulously crafted inflatable water sports products, particularly their SUP and inflatable kayaks.

During the event, the ONESUN team actively engaged with visitors. They showcased their expertise in manufacturing and provided detailed presentations on the features and advantages of their products. Visitors had the opportunity to closely experience and learn about ONESUN's products, as well as ask questions about the products. The ONESUN team patiently addressed visitors' inquiries and discussed potential collaboration opportunities with interested customers.

In addition, the ONESUN team interacted with other industry professionals, media representatives, and passionate outdoor enthusiasts at the event. They shared their company's mission, product features, and experiences of collaborating with other well-known sports brands to build trust and attract potential partners.

The activities of the ONESUN team at the event not only elevated their brand awareness but also provided potential partners with an opportunity to gain insights into their products and explore further collaboration possibilities. By showcasing their products and expertise in manufacturing, the ONESUN team aims to attract more collaborative partnerships and drive the development of the water sports product market.

Through their participation in The Big Gear Show, the ONESUN team not only interacted with other industry professionals, brand representatives, and consumers but also gained knowledge about innovative products and industry trends from other exhibitors. This experience provided them with inspiration and opportunities for their future development.

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