ONESUN Showcases Remarkable Achievements at the Exhibition, Leading the New Trend in Inflatable Sports

ONESUN Showcases Remarkable Achievements at the Exhibition, Leading the New Trend in Inflatable Sports

Jul 13, 2023

The exhibition held at the Miami Airport Convention Center from July 11th to 13th has become a gathering place for global buyers and sellers, attracting participants from countries including the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. This grand event has transformed the coastal city of Miami into the "Export/Import Capital of the Americas," showcasing the diverse trade cultures from around the world. The exhibition provided attendees with the opportunity to directly interact with foreign trade missions, delegations, and export/import associations. Trade officials from each country presented a wide range of business conferences and investment opportunities. The exhibition covered various products including daily necessities, restaurant and hotel supplies, clothing and fashion accessories, beauty, lifestyle and health products, women's lingerie, footwear, bedding, bath, and kitchen products.

As a vibrant coastal city, Miami has always been renowned for its water-related entertainment activities. In this exhibition, ONE SUN Company stood out as one of the major highlights. Established in 2015, ONE SUN is a comprehensive company focusing on outdoor leisure and entertainment sports goods. It integrates branding, research and development, production, and export trade. The company specializes in producing inflatable stand-up paddleboards (ISUP), inflatable boats, inflatable tents, water entertainment, and other outdoor sports goods. ONE SUN holds a leading position in the professional field, making it the largest paddle board manufacturer in China and earning the trust of global users.

ONE SUN currently operates two production centers, located in Fuzhou Binhai New City and Fuzhou High-tech Zone, covering a total construction area of an astonishing 98,300 square meters. Within these modern manufacturing facilities, the company not only ensures efficient production but also maintains product quality and innovation. ONE SUN is not only the largest paddle board manufacturer in China but also a pioneer in the industry, providing unparalleled water entertainment experiences to users around the world.

During this exhibition, ONE SUN showcased its latest developments including SUP BOARD and Inflatable Kayak. These products not only underwent meticulous design in terms of appearance but also underwent rigorous material selection to ensure a safer and more comfortable experience for users. Furthermore, ONE SUN's research and development team introduced innovative products such as inflatable dog houses and inflatable tents, adding more fun and creativity to outdoor leisure activities. These novel designs garnered widespread attention at the exhibition and attracted admiration and appreciation from numerous visitors.

Through this exhibition, ONE SUN once again demonstrated its exceptional strength in the field of outdoor leisure and entertainment sports goods. As one of the most significant manufacturers of inflatable sports goods globally, ONE SUN not only provides high-quality products to users but also maintains a continuous effort towards innovation, injecting fresh vitality into the industry's development. Looking ahead, ONE SUN will continue to uphold the principles of innovation and quality, creating even more diverse outdoor leisure experiences for users around the world.

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